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0-1.9: Hazardous to life
2-2.9: Coma inducing
3-3.9: Vomiting is a surety
4-4.9: Wheres my money?
5-5.9: Severly flawed but has its moments
6-6.9: Kinda entertaining but not worth it
7-7.9: Ok, but needs definite improvement
8-8.9: Good movie, you should probably see it
9-9.9: Excellent! Brilliant!

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The Most Recent Reviews:
A Review by Joekool


The Illusionist
Director- Neil Burger
Cast- Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, Jessica Biel, Rufus Swell
Rated PG-13: for some sexual content and violence
Running time- 109 min 
The best movie of the year! Thats the introduction. Tha pretty much sums it up. So basically see this movie before all others out there right now. By my outstanding authority over you, I order this duty upon you. Here's why.
The Illusionist is set in turn of the century Vienna, and it follows the career of Eisenheim The Illusionist played by Edward Norton and his affections for a soon to be princess whom he knew from childhood. However, she is about to be unwillingly wed to a corrupt prince, with plans to overthrow the emperor. 
Eisenhiem puts on shows with his mysterious abilities of the most marvelous kind. Growing an orange tree from in an instant, slowing time, raising the dead. Its a very entertaining experience watching Norton as Eisenheim, and we're not even there!  Good golly miss molly this must be a good movie. Yes Joekool, the best of the year infact!


Miami Vice
Director- Michael Mann
Cast- Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx, Gong Li, Cirain Hinds
Rated R: for strong violence, language, sexual content, and some drug use
Running time- 117 min

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