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A Review by Joekool


Director- Louis Letterier
Cast- Jet Li, Morgan Freeman, Bob Hoskins, Kerry Condon
Rated R: for strong violent content, language, and some sexuality/nudity
Runnging time- 102 min
Fling em, kick em, punch em, break em, distort em, and kill em! That is basically what Jet Li does to everyone except two people in this film. He rocks physically and emtionally as well. Yes its a Jet Li film where the story is as good as the fighting. Believe it!
Danny (Jet Li) has been raised by his mob boss uncle (Hoskins) to do all his dirty work. If theres a problem with some clients he releases Danny on them, and Danny..well, he beats the holy hell out of everyone. However Danny, with basically the speaking skills of a dog, does know how to say "yes" and a few other things. And he particularly has an interest in piano's. When he meets a blind piano tuner named Sam (Freeman) he is taken in by him, leaving his uncle behind. And there he learns the ways of life; love, family, happiness, and the piano. However, his unhappy uncle comes back looking for him.
The action in this movie is flawless. Jet Li is spectacular. The finale is breathtaking to witness as Danny takes on the entire mob it seems.  Brilliant martial arts with fervent brutality. But what makes this movie more than just an action spectacle is the character development and humanizing story of how Danny learns the ways of life from his new family. It in some ways is masterful. The acting is also very good, especially by Li and Hoskins.
Unleashed is a definite must see. It is Jet Li's best american film to date, and his second best of all time, the first being the foreign film, Hero.
Good Points
-Flawless action
-Story is good
-Character development
Bad Points
-more emotion would have been nice
Rating- 9/10

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