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Battle of The Consoles is now....
Battle of The Portables!
What's so great about handhelds??
Portability, playability, and capability are the three biggest factors for which Sony and Nintendo are competing with their new line-up of handheld content. I will help you decide whether, when, or which handheld to buy, by deciphering the stats for each.
Portability is a definate factor in a portable gaming system, so when it comes to where you can go with these bad boys, everything makes a difference. Wi-fi wireless networking plays an extreme factor in both of these handheld models. There are no link cables to have to worry about like with the old gameboys, but using wireless signals for a higher portion of gaming will reduce battery life considerably.
Playability, probably the biggest factor for any gaming system, whether console, pc, or just plain old newspaper crossword puzzles, you have to be able to play and enjoy doing so.
In the first corner: Nintendo DS!!!
Nintendo is still keeping its head down when it comes to competition. Spawning from their unsuccesfull attempts to hook-up with sony and market one of the first versions of the playstation in the early 90's, Nintendo has been driven into mediocre competition.
With their soft-hitting console releases such as the 64 to compete with the playstation, and the gamecube to compete with the ps2 and xbox, Nintendo is definatley just a simple design bureau.
Now Nintendo can honestly say that they've played the market fair, with whatever doesn't work, they reinvent and re-market already-formulated ideas in attempts to fight the good fight. For years they have marketed mario and even zelda as some of their big name getters, but in recent years they have started opening their eyes to the fact that gamers are evolving. Gamers want hollywood quality storylines at their fingertips, and with Nintendo's aquisition of some resident evil titles.
Now on to the ds...A dual-screen model of cartridge gaming. Yes, I said it, Nintendo has been very faithful to using cartridges instead of discs, and I must say, it they could give the same quality and versitility as discs, then have at it.
But unfortunately, we can't get the quality from cartridge games that discs offer, but they are a bit more dependable and less hazard forming. Discs get stratched fairly easily, and they ware from over-use, which cartridges can wear from over-use, but they don't scratch and they have hard plastic covering to keep them safe.
Probably the biggest feature that the ds offers is the dual screen action. This is a breakthrough for any of the console or portable gaming systems available. Not only does the ds offer dual screens, but one of those screen actually lets you interact, a touch screen. With the use of your thumbs you can turn a steering wheel that appears on screen, or you can use the supplied stylus and journey through mysterious worlds.
The nintendo ds has finally got the multiplayer function correct. Although there are cables that are available for purchase, there is no need to physically hook-up any systems through wires, because Nintendo introduced wi-fi networking into the game's function. Although there is the function of wireless multiplayer gaming, I recomend that the user purchases one of the muliplayer cables, unless you are extremely lazy and want to sit across the room from your mates, and then I understand. Now, cordless multiplayer functioning is great, but that is the extent of the ds' wireless cababilities.
All of these new gaming attractions are a great addition to the Nintendo market, but unfortunately, consoles are the only ones that the company seems to be upgrading. Dominately 2d gameplay, cartridges, and a early teen style market base is the demise of the nintendo ds.
In the oppositte corner: Sony PSP!!!
The psp has been described as a portable ps2, but it is all that and then some. It has definate gaming similarities to the ps2, such as game playing, movie watching, high-resolution graphics engines and polygonal screen structuring, but overall, Sony has taken an obvious step forward with their release of this all around fun machine.
Instead of having to dial-up or even log into home dsl, the psp has an internet hot-spot capability. It allows the user to log on to the internet without needed cables or services, but likewise with the wi-fi networking, the battery life will greatly reduce. It has not been said whether or not sony will make the U.S. version of the psp totally web-capable, but the japan version has already made releases with well-known media names such as playboy for portable "web-viewing".
Now, I know it is a gaming device, but for an electronic market like there is, why not add features such as movies and music when mp3 playing and hollywood box-office hits are so popular? Everyone likes music, so its almost a guarantee that there won't be any complaints when it comes to the psp having mp3 capabilities, even flash drive storage, and maybe even the ability to download songs straight from the internet.
With the hot-spot technology, the sony psp allows the user to view movie trailers and watch them on the go. And there have already been a number of UMD releases of movies such as Pirates of the Caribean, House of Flying Daggers, and a handfull of others. The battery life takes a shot with movie viewing as well, but an extra battery pack is well worth it.
In all, the psp gives the user most of what the ds offers, excluding the neat little touch-screen and crappy cartridges. In my opinion, the sony psp is definatley the winner of this battle. Until the release of the PS3 and the xbox 360, this is rocksolidus, signing off.

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