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A Review By Joekool


The Borthers Grimm
Director- Terry Gilliam
Cast- Matt Damon, Heath Ledger, Johnathan Price, Monica Belluci
Rated PG-13: for violence, frightening sequences, and breif suggestive material
Runnig Time- 118 min
Twelve Monkeys...what an extraordinary piece of work by director Terry Gilliam. Whats this I hear, Terry Gilliam is going to use his creative vision to create a fantasy tale starring Matt Damon and Heath Ledger, Ive got to check that out, its gotta be good. I mean with the acting abilities of both Damon and Ledger and the direction of Gilliam, theres no way it could be just average, right?.
Sadly after viewing the film, it is just that...average. The chemistry of a brother relationship between Will(Damon) and Jake(Ledger) is portrayed very well. Their arguments and humorous scenes are the best aspects of the film.
The story, while very good on paper, deserved better treatment on screen. Will and Jake Grimm are basically medevil ghostbusters, who usually stage their capture or destruction of an evil spirit. But when they are sent to a village where the children are actualy being taken by an evil forest, they are clueless at first at what to do. The story is however punctured by many plotholes, some which certian scenes hard to follow.
Overall the film is at least entertaining, and is worth at least one viewing. It has the humor and some good scenes of fantasy stroytelling, but the plot holes and some othe few flaws hurt and send the film to averageness.
Good Points
-Good brotherly chemistry between Damon and Ledger
-Lead acting good
Bad Points
-Many plot holes
-Sucky Visual Effects
-Supporting Acting not up to par
Rating- 6.5/10

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