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The Exorcism of Emily Rose
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A Review by Joekool


The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Director- Scott Derrickson
Cast- Tom Wilkinson, Laura Linney, Jennifer Carpenter
Rated PG-13: for theamatic material including intense/frightening sequences and disturbing images
Running Time- 114 min
Thrilling, horiffying, captivating. Too many "ing" words that can describe the greatness of The Exorcism of Emily Rose. It is a film that truly goes beneath the flesh and chills your bones, but not in a way that you would expect from a horror film. If there actually is a genere, this film is more of a horror/drama in a way. Another scary factor, this is a true story. At least thats what it says in the beginning
The film mainly deals with the court case that followed the actual exorcism of 19 year-old Emily Rose. And the prosecution of the preist who conducted the excorsim played by Tom Wilkinson. Its the rare Horror/Drama, and its dang good.
The terror meter reaches 10 in some scenes and it just plain freaks you out. Dont take a date to this movie cause she'll hate you for the rest of her short life. She'll hate you cause she will be terrified and her life will be short because she wont be able to sleep again, therefore dying of the the lack their of.
The acting is tremendously good. Emily played by Jennifer Carpenter has to go through so many dread filled scenes that i am surprised the actrees made it through the film, brownie points for her. Tom Wilkinson and Laura Linney in their leading roles bring chrisma and skill to the film.
Some may call this controversial with the fact that it deals with God and the devil. Well, controversial or not it doesnt matter. The film terrifies and it emotionalizes, just what a horror/drama is supposed to do.
Well done to all who worked on the film. Bout time we had a film like this.
Good Points
-Great acting
-Emphasis on the court case, but didnt forget the story of Emily
Bad Points
-more flashback would have been a great addition
Rating- 9/10

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