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Red Eye

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A Review by Rocksolidus


Director- Wes Craven
Cast- Racheal McAdams, Cillian Murphey
Rated- PG-13 for some intense sequences of violence, and language.
Running Time- 85 min.
In a world of sequels and re-makes, Wes Craven definately can still produce a well directed movie. One of the grandfathers of horror, Craven's newest addtion to the hollywood horror list is a true thriller.
I've heard it a few times before, and I'm really starting to believe it, Cillian Murphey can play a bad guy really well. He has the natural knack for eerieness that most definately fits him for this role. Murphy brings a psyco-drama feel to the film's environment with his ability to hide his true emotion. Great actor and I'm left wanting to see more.
I'm not sexist, but I have said that women in dominant lead roles cannot be very good. However,  McAdams pulls of the interpretation of her character very well. She shows the characteristics for plot stability, using her character's feelings and resentment as though they were her own. When she cries in this film, the viewer can obviously see that it is her crying, not just her character acting.
The majority of the film takes place on a commercial airplane. This is very difficult to do and keep your audience captivated. There is enough content and plot development for these scenes to be watchable.
The intensity of the character interaction sometimes feels like it would be unbelievable for there characters to be in this situation, but then interacting with a serial killer doesn't calm people down either. This emotional thriller doesn't contain a magnificent plot twist or great flow, but all this aside, in my book, Red Eye gets the green light.
Good Points
-Great emotional conjecture
-Awesome psyco-emotional drama
-True character development
Bad Points
-Film flow could be reworked
-Storyline needs addition
Rating: 7.5/10

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