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A Review by Joekool


Four Brothers
Director- John Singleton
Cast- Mark Wahlberg, Tyreese Gibson, Andre Benjamin, Garret Hedlund, Terrence Howard
Rated R: for strong violence, pervasive language and some sexual content
Running Time: 109 min
Here we have a story of a family of four adopted brothers who were deemed "lost causes" by society. And after there foster mother is murdered ina seemingly ordinary convenient store robbery they return to their home town for her funeral...and revenge. Okay, we have the plot lined out, but is it any good on film, well you can stop you doubting cause it is.
The story of this film is very well done and scripted.the emotion and relationship bewteen brothers is portrayed superbly. In a scene where Bobby (Wahlberg) talks to a guy for information, the guy mentions to Bobby that his brothers arent his real brothers, which is true. but instead Bobby says, "What are you talking about? These are my real brothers." Its things like that that enhance the emotional connection between the characters.
The action is fantastic. There are brutal gunfights, and brilliant shootout at the brother's childhood home, and more. In some situations the motif of the borthers creating heinous scenes of violence is pretty weak. Kinda lik this "Hey that guy thought about maybe doing something! Lets kill him!"
The acting is amazingly on of the greatest aspects of the movie. Mark Wahlberg is perfect in his role as the leader of his family and the badass. Terrence Howard who plays the a local police officer is perfect in his supporting role.
Four Borthers is definatey worth the horrendously high prced admission. Maybe theaters dont get that if you raise prices, people wont come. Oh well, go see this movie.
Good Points
-Great Acting
-Very good action
-Strong relationship between brothers
-Ruthless aspect of brothers
Bad Points
-Weak motifs in some violent scenes
Rating 8.5/10

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