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A Review by Joekool


The Skeleton Key
Director- Iain Softley
Cast- Kate Hudson, Peter Saarsgard, John Hurt, Gena Rowlands
Rated PG-13: for violence, disturbing images, some partial nudity and theamatic materials
Running time- 104 min
The Skeleton Key comes from the writer of the original "The Ring,"  which was a fabulous horror film, one of the most original in the past decade. But then along came The Ring 2, which should have been splendid but was enveloped with horible writing and acting, and therfore turned out to be a dissapointment. Low and behold, however, a film to us that takes us back to the aspects and great provacative filmmaking that made The Ring so wonderful, that film happens to be The Skeleton Key.
Kate Hudson, whom i dont believe has ventured into the horror genre before, plays Caroline, a live-in nurse who akes a job at an old Florida home, helpinf an elderly lady take care of her bed-ridden husband. What she doesnt know is that the house is is also home to spirits of a very dark form, and the film takes off with that.
This is one of those movies that keeps you guessing all through the story as Carloine learns the dark secrets of the house and the dark magic that is upon it and after you think you got it, BAM! your wrong. i can already assure you that you will never geuss the ending.
The main aspects f the movie are well done. It enough that you dont notice any big flaws in the film. Some scary moments are kinda cliche, but most of the film is a fantastic thriller that never lets up. The actin is pretty average, Peter Sarsgaard plays his clever role with greatness
The Skeleton Key is a great popcorn flcik, I highly recommend this to the horror/thriller fan.
Good Points
-Clever plot
-Awesome ending
-Genuine thriller
Bad Points
-A few cliche horror moments
Rating- 8/10

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