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Devil May Cry 3- Dante's Awakening

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"from the moment the game begins, the bad-ass meter is likely to flat-out shatter"-psm
After reading this quote in one the the games' ads, I started wondering if it could stand up to hype like this, and I'll tell you what, after playing the game, that statement is totally true.
The game starts out with an awesome entrance vid, sort of like a prologue, which helps explain why Dante is running around mysterious places slicing and shooting at everything that moves. The content isn't totally inovative, but the idea is original, and I gotta hand it to Capcom, they've definately pulled the series out of a momentary slump spawning from the second disc of DMC 2.
The game is just like the first two, or well, the next two, or something like that. You must play on normal mode for the first bit in order to unlock easy or even hard modes, which can be a bit of a challenge, because starting off on a mid-range difficulty is a bit shifty, but works out fine. Just like psm's statement, Dante is a real M*****F***** when it comes to cockiness and attitude, but that is what the game is based on, kicking ass and not worrying about taking names.
The weapons in this game are vicious, with an emphasis on melee fighting. The creaters used a mix of aerobatics and martial arts to incorporate in a style of fighting called "close quarter combat" (CQC)-MGS3, and they incorporated these styles in an ingenious way in what can only be called optical ambrosia. The player can't keep track of the action half the time because of the swiftness of gameplay, and the game actually involves the player physically. One's arm can't get pretty famished when using the pistols as a primary weapon to beat a boss.
The cut-scenes are spectacular, with the graphics and storyline not leaving the player in apathy. The videos are just the right length, instead of some other First Persons that I have played where you get a minute of gameplay to every twenty cut-scene minute. So far, the games in this series have definately done an awesome job by creating and portraying new and inovative enemies, because it would totally suck if you had to fight some marionettes every game.
A few of the only bad things that I found in this game are 1) the levels need to be set up in a little less confusing way, 2) the difficulty of gameplay, especially during boss battles, even on normal mode, and 3) the game can get a little repetitive, which can be fixed with a little break, or changing up weapons on the combat screen. Other than these three downsides, the gameplay throughout the entirety is quite astonishing, and I'm glad to say, I am anticipating Devil May Cry 4 and possibly 5 at this moment.
Rating: 8.5/10

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