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War of the Worlds
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A Review By Joekool


War of the Worlds
Director- Steven Spielberg
Cast- Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, Tim Robbins, Justin Chatwin, Miranda Otto
Rated PG-13: for frightening sequences of scifi violence and disturbing images
Running Time- 117 min.
If you enjoyed Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jaws, and Jurassic Park, then there is no doubt you will enjoy War of the Worlds. Its the Spielberg from all three of those films smothered into one heck of an experience. Now, I hadnt seen the original War of the Worlds before seeing this one. I wish I would have, I think I would have connected with the film a lot better.
Ray Ferrier (Cruise) is a divorced father who works in New York City, when his ex-wife brings his son (Chatwin) and daughter (Fanning) over from Boston for the weekend, then before you know it, all hades breakes loose. First a freakishly cool looking lighning storm with no thunder, then the machines, known as tripods come and terrorize all life on earth, and much more. Thats it in a nutshell, I dont want to spoil this for you.
Sure this film has amazing special effects, action, suspense, and a pretty good story. But the most standout feature of this spectacular film is the human drama Spielberg displays in the character situations with Ray and his family. Its fascinatingly done with superb acting. This is one of Cruise's best roles, but sadly Oscar may not come his way due to the genre of the film, damm shame! Tim Robbins in his short role of a temporary safe haven to Cruise and his daughter during a tripod attack portrays his carziness in the film brilliantly. Fanning and Chatwin are also great.
One aspect of this film that makes it so brilliant is its realism. The actions of the people in the film are as realisitic as we think would happen in that sort of situation. A scene where civilians rip Ray and his family from their car because he has the only working car, and then they kill each other for it. Yeah its brutal, but its perfect realism.
Visually this film is stunning to witness. Its jaw dropping when you see the freeway behind Ray's van just be picked up and tossed into oblivion. This is a definate lock for a Visual Effects nomination at the Oscars, definite lock. Every techinaical aspect of the film is flawless.
Okay what I did not like. It wasnt much, but there are some medium sized complaints that I have (this is why I wish I would have watched the original before this one). There was a scene where Ray kills one of the tripods, it was sort of cheesy, and I believe it could have been done better. And the ending was a bit too Hollywoodish. It could have been much better.
With those flaws aside War of the Worlds is a scifi masterpiece. And remember, that I hadnt seen the original so maybe after I watch that I will understand the film better and my rating will rise. Anyways, War of the Worlds is an excellent film definately worth the price of admission. I may even see it again to see if my opinion alters.
Good Points
-Superb acting
-Emphasis on human emotion
-Amazing visuals
-Brilliant suspense
Bad Points
-Me not seeing the original
-Ending a bit too holloywood
Rating- 8.7/10

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