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Batman Begins
Director- Christopher Nolan
Cast- Christian Bale, Laim Neeson, Gary Oldamn, Maichale Caine, Morgan Freeman, Katie Holmes, Ken Watanabe
Rated PG-13: for
Running Time- 134 min
The Batman series has definatley redeemed itself with the making of this film, but still, sadly my expectations were left unkempt. The plotline and deeper storyline is definately a plus, but unclear character motivation and cheap-stylistic filming leveled any bonus that this film would have given a viewer.
The storyline describes how Bruce's parents come to be murdered and exactly why he feels a personall vendetta to stop crime in the streets of gotham. I extremely like the fact that they did quite a job cleaning up where the other handful of batman movies did not even come close, such as back story.
What looked like their aim at an artsy film style, only felt short to a dreary grey most of the time. Not very visually stimulating, but the storyline and charcter development are what the viewer should be in search of, seeing as the director put forth considerable effort to fill in a lot of the blanks otherwise left open.
In all, this film is a bit more than just a popcorn flick, but I would not suggest seeing it in theatres more than once. Entertaining with a slight thrill factor, the creators should add a little more color to the film, (literally, its toooo dark and dreary.) They will certainly have a better platform to work with if they decide to put forth a sequal.
Good Points:
-Storyline very complete
-Character development is good
-Appropriate amount of story darkness
Bad Points:
-Visually boring
-I can't watch all of the batmans together now, "Begins" is part of a totally different film base.
Rating: 7.5/10

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