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A Review by Joekool


Director- Paul Haggis
Cast- Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon, Sandra Bullock, Terrance Howard, Brendan Fraser, Michael Pena, Thandie Newton, Jennifer Esposito, William Fitchner
Rated R: for language, sexual content and some violence
Running Time- 100min
Better late than never. This movie came out April something and I never got a chance to see it until last Saturday (June 18th). Actually I never really wanted to see it, and when I had practically seen all the films I wanted to see that were out, this was all that was left until War of the Worlds, so Rocksolidus and I took the time to see this film.
A clash of culture, stereotypes, and racism. In Director/Producer/Writer Paul Haggis' Crash we are shown the cultural combination and the sterotypical ways we undertake in our every day lives against other nationalities. One may be afraid of a film with racisim the main course of the feature, however one should not be frightened by the subject matter. Because the "crash" of racism and nationalities in this film is mixed quite well
There are so many storylines that I cant remember all five of them (ha ha). In one storyline Don Cheadle, who is a detective, and his partner visit his nearly overdosed mother. A very heartbreaking scene in this story line is when Cheadle finds his brother dead at a crime scene and when he is with his addict mother at the hospital she blames him for his death, saying he didnt find him in time. Chealde reaction to her statments makes you cringe on the inside. I have to admit I got teary eyed in many scenes of the film.
I am not going to discuiss all of the storylines, that would take too much time, and I am lazy right now. I will tell you that my favorite story would have to be Michael Pena's character, the locksmith. You'll see why when you watch it. t did take them awhile to develop the characters, which makes the movie feel a lot longer than it actually is.
The cast is one of excellence. Everyone has their high points and none of them have lows, except for Thandie Newton which came off annoying to me, very annoying actually. I simply hated her acting and her character in this film. The most pwerful performances are from Don Cheadle, Terrance Howard, and Matt Dillon, all deserve some recognition, especially Howard and Dillon.
Other films have had the same concept as this, in following many different paths that intertwine, such as Magnolia and Sin City. This does not live up to those film, but still has its own goodness about it.
Good Points
-Excellent acting
-Intertwining plots well portrayed
-Strong emotion
Bad Points
-Thandie Newton was annoying
-Developing the characters was a little slow
Rating- 8.3/10

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