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The Earnest Man

Thirteen XIII
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Take a bit of The Hulk(game) for the comic book style of graphics, little of the Hitman series for the sleek and stealth game play, and throw in some Psi-Ops for the supernatural abilities that you are able to use, and you'll have Thirteen.
After a quite confusing introduction/starter chapter which gives light to some history of the game, but leaves a whole lot unanswered. You realize that your character is waking up on a sandy beach to a beautiful, red-clad lifeguard. She leads you to her recovery station where you come into contact with the very people that have been trying to kill your character, and then it all takes off.
With the capabilities of seeing peoples' footsteps through walls, being able to foresee a bit of the future, and widely available melee items, you are able to unravel the mystery of the president's assasination and uncover who all were involved with the murder. You encounter quite a few soldiers trying to keep the secrets, well, secret, and find great difficulty putting the storyline into context.
The gameplay is amazing for the type of game. The creaters used a unique style of fighting engine that allowed more manuverability than the traditional one/two button fighting mode. The storyline is awesome, and the character development is outstanding for a video game. Highly recomended, it is a thinker/thriller/action genre style of game, great for many people.
Rating: 8/10

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