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A Rocksolidus review


Director: Michael Bay
Cast: Ewan McGreggor, Scarlett Johannsen, Sean Bean, Steve Buscemi
Rated PG-13: for intense sequences of violence and action, some sexuality and language
Running Time: 127 min.
Would you kill to have your live saved? Would you knowingly take the life from a being for the pure focus of having yours extended? The Island deals with these moral issues and intelectual ideals that have been put into a well-thought storyline to portray the lives of chemically-grown humans for the sole purpose of postponing the imminent doom of their hard copies in the real world.
The characteristics of anger and sex can be somewhat eliminated, but curiousity is a factor that no science experiment can predict when dealing with real life humans as a lab trial. Lincoln6Echo, being the first to question what is real and who tells him that he should be happy, bares-down on the only life he has known in order to get more out of the physically and mentally controled life he has been leading. Lincoln6's inquiry of life and his restlessness with the way he is living begins to be shared with the rest of the Echo series and everything starts to fall apart.
McGregor and Johansson portray their emotionally bound characters with splender. The character interaction is obviously not just within the filming realm, they have definatley taken it upon themselves to find out how people in this situation would act and feel to get the most accurate portrayal.
The language and style of speaking definatley shows that these people have been locked down for the entirety of the life that they know. Finding the word "dood" interesting, they are well into the characteristic of curiousity the way that young children would be.
In all, great movie to see. I suggest twice, its that good.
Good Points:
-Character believability
-In-depth character development
-Orignal Plotline
-Scarlett Johansson
Bad Points:
-Noticeable product advertising
-Not enough of the V-12 Caddie
Rating: 10/10

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