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The Duels of Death!!
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In the next Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith. There will be five, yes you can barely count them on one hand, five lightsaber duels. Truly we are in for something spectaucler, lets hope thats its spectacularly great instead of spectacularly disapponting. Here Ill give you the rundown on who will be fighting who, and whether it will be superb or just pretty cool. I havent seen the finished film, so what do I know anyways, right.  

Duel #1
Obi Wan & Anikan



Count Dooku


The Duel: In Attack of the Clones obi Wan and Anikan took on Dooku, and the result was Obi Wan getting severly scarred and Anikan getting his armed wommped off. But what about now, the rematch. Well Dooku will have his hands full, an with Anikan becoming more powerful and Obi Wan als becoming more powerful, Kenobi and Skywalker will take Dooku down
Predictied Winner- Obi Wan & Anikan
Duel #2

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