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The Interpreter
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A Review By Rocksolidus


Director: Sidney Pollack
Cast: Sean Penn, Nicole Kidman
Rated PG-13: violence, some sexual content, and brief strong language
Running Time: 128 min.
Lets see if this works out. If you take Hotel Rwanda, change location, and add a but load of white people, the odds are you won't get The Interpreter, but it might look a little something like it.
Good popcorn flick dealing with the UN and relations between some South African rebels. Silvia Broome (Kidman), being born in Africa, by parents of different nationalities, being a former aid in some African rebel upheavals, and working as an African interpreter at the UN, she definately ties all the this back story together to make the viewer understand the emotion that she is dealing with, while trying to stay non-partial for her job's sake.
Tobin Keller (Penn) does a suprisingly good job in the role he was portraying. Being a federal agent assigned to protect Kidman's character after she was threatened by a group of African conformists. After his suspicions that Silvia isn't telling the truth about overhearing some death threats subside, the movie takes off. An emotional thriller dealing with political feuds as well as international treaties, one great movie that shows what greed can do to people.
This movie is a cool variation between the ultimate killing, or gore movies that we are used to, but still should have captivated a bit better. Good enough to be released in theatres, but I'm still hoping the DVD will have some cool behind the scenes or something, or else I won't be renting it.
Rating- 7/10

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