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House of Flying Daggers
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A Review By Joekool
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House of Flying Daggers
(#10 on my all-time list)
Director- Zhang Yimou
Cast- Ziyi Zhang, Takishi Kaneshiro, Anita Mui, Dandan Song, Feng Lu, Andy Lau
Rated PG-13: for sequences of stylized martial arts and violence and some sexuality
Runnting Time- 119 min.
Last year Hero was introduced into the United States after being released in Japan in 2002. Hero was an excellent film with beauty and magnificants all around. The cinematography and artistic touch were masterful. These statements are all true for House of Flying Daggers, but there is just one difference. House of Flying Daggers is better than Hero.
House of Flying Daggers is an intriguing story about a man whom falls for woman who is not what she seems. Jin (Kaneshiro) rescues Mei (Zhang) from the police deputies and takes her into the journey of the unknown, . Encountering many struggles and tribulations allong their pathe to Mei's conceled destination. The plot as I stated above is clever and is accompanied by some twists that replinish the suspense.
The martial arts are genius and fantastic to watch. Especially the attack in the field where Jin and Mei fight off some 20 police deputies to freedom. You see the artistic touch of the chinese martial arts films along with the brutality of war pictures such as Braveheart. The fights match that of Hero's.
The cenimatography and art direction really stands out as some of the greatest qualities of the film. the beauty of the landscapes and the colors and weather additions are eye-popping. The final sequence in the snow is a masterpiece of brilliance not only in cenimatography and art direction, but in acting, direction, and drama. Yes, its pretty freaking good if it is a "masterpiece of brilliance."
The acting is outstanding, Takeshi Kneshiro's performance especially stands out as the greatest of the three main chracters. Zhangs performance while good was quiet and did not achieve the power of Kaneshiro's and Lau's.
This is the best foriegn film this reviewer has ever seen. It has the action and power of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Hero, but adds more with the fabulous story and emotion. This is a definate must see, no matter what films you like, you must always view a masterpiece, no matter the genre! 
Good Points
-A Masterpiece!
-Cenimatography and Art Direction are spectacular
-Takeshi Kaneshiro's performance
-Fight sequences are mezmerising
-Outstanding Musical Score
-Bad points do not exist
Rating- 10/10

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