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A Review by Joekool


Director- Shane Carruth
Cast- Shane Carruth, David Sullivan
Rated PG-13: for Breif Language
Runng Time- 78 min.
If you like to take tylenol and having your head feel like its been picked up and dropped from a thousand foot high bridge and then gnawed on by fire ants, then watch Primer. The most sophisticated Scifi film to be seen by human eyes. The plot could be described as, "Holy crap! What the hell just happened!"
We have two self-employed engineers, and they decide to create somesort of machine (cant really tell yay what it was), however, mistakingly they create a machine that sends objects into the past. At first they can only send small objects such as a watch or an apple into the past, but after futher observation and experimentation, eventually they are able to send something the compacity of two humans into the past. If you cant guess what happens next then.......well, your stupid.
After they send themselves back int time, they do what any one else would do, rearrange bets on March Madness and buy some lottery tickets. Easy way to get rich right? Seems like a good way, but after they encounter problems with the time machine and time travel itself we are thrown into a vast journey of time complextions that blow ones mid to keep up with. You will honestly have to watch this film twice to get it all. maybe more.
Shane Carruth (Director/ Actor/ Writer/ Producer) made this film with only $7000, and it shows. The quality is not as great as the major motion pictures today, but Carruth uses it very wisely. One would think also with the 78 minute running time that the film is too short to be exciting. Let me just say it felt like I went back in time a few moments and the film felt like 2 hours insted of 1 hour and 18 minuites. 
Primer is a very ingenious film, and should only be watched if you enjoy ambigous films, in other words, a film that viewers could draw one or more conclusions from after the film is over. Films such as Donnie Darko and The Butterfly Effect are examples of ambigous films. Overall, this is a very smart Scifi and deserves to be recognized as a movie in which only the intelligent will get.
Good Points
-Acting is good
Bad Points
-Sometimes you have no idea whats going on
Rating- 8.5/10

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