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A Review By Joekool


Director- Breck Eisner
Cast- Matthew McConaughey, Steve Zahn, Penelope Cruz, William H. Macy
Rated PG-13: for action violence
Runnting time- 127 min.
Two former Navy Seals turned treasure hunters, a beautiful doctor, a fearless and power hungry villan, a desert, and a virus that is eraticating Africa. That sounds pretty cool if you set your mind to it. And that really describes Sahara and its adventure.
Dirk (McConaughey) and Al (Zahn) play two treasure hunters that embark on the hunt of their lives through the dangerous North Afirca. Searching for what the locals call "The Ship of Death", which is a long lost civil war ship filled with gold. Along the way they stumble upon a doctor (Cruz) and together they search for the gold and the cure for a virus that is causing havoc across the Mediteranian.
The man who made this movie worth the price of admission was Steve Zahn. He had the greatest one liners in the film that caused the audience to burst with laughter. Sure Matthew McConaughey was also pretty good in the film, but Zahn turned out to be the show stealer. Penelope Cruz was uneeded and very stale. She was a bad presence in the film and her acting, which is usually good, sunk her to a new low in her skills.
The story is kinda all over the map, with the hunt for the treasure actualy being a subplot and the main objective being to stop the virus which is spreading. The film tried to be Indiana Jones with more comedy but fell short with the lack of depth to the journey.
But Joekool is the movie at least good entertainment? Yes, it is just that. Try not to look at the errors of the story and enjoy the comedy and the adventure qualties. 
Good Points
-Steve Zahn's comedic performance
-Well done adventure scenes
-Good popcorn flick 
Bad Points
-Penelope Cruz
-Not much depth in story
Rating- 7.5/10

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