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The Earnest Man

1998 Earny Awards
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1998 Earnys
winner- **
Best Picture
Saving Private Ryan**
The Truman Show
What Dreams May Come
Best Director
Steven Spielberg, Saving Private Ryan**
Peter Weir, The Truman Show
Vincent Ward, What Dreams May Come
Best Actor
Tom Hanks, Saving Private Ryan**
Jim Carrey, The Truman Show
Robin Williams, What Dreams May Come
David Duchovony, X-Files
Best Actress
Gillian Anderson, X-Files
Bst Supporting Actor
Ed Harris, The Truman Show
Best Supporting Actress
Best Ensemble
The Truman Show
What Dreams May Come
Saving Private Ryan
Best Original Screenplay
The Truman Show
Saving Private Ryan
The X-Files
Best Adatped Screenplay
What Dreams May Come

The best in motion picture entertainment