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Bloodrayne 2
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Bloodrayne 2- Majesco Sales Inc.

Sands of time spawned two sequels?? How could this be? Oh, take an egyptian warrior story/puzzle game and make the main character a really hot vampress. The ingredients for nice looking visual effects, but the playability and context go down the drain in this epic game sequel.
The main points of this game are using Rayne's powers to help her survive, and chopping up people into little pieces, well, maybe not a main point, but pretty entertaining for the twisted minded. The difficulty is exactly where the average gamer would play at, which at most the average gamer would probably need to play each boss more than once before advancing aiding the game's challanging aspect.
This game uses a physics engine similar to that of Prince of Persia, using gymnastics and tight-rope walking to incorporate thinking into the playability aspect. Yes, thinking is needed, but mostly this game is fun for the fighting and the incorporation of vampires and cleavage.
Rating: 6.5/10

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