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Katamari Damacy
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Katamari Damacy-Namco
One word...cute! Fun for the whole family. Who cares about first person shooters, RPGs, GTAs? Why not make a game that would wipe out the whole genre?
Lets take some weird ass alien thing and have it push around a retro jiggle ball that sticks to and picks up inanimate objects in order to please some high king. Doesn't that just tickle your fancy? Some of the good points of the game are that it doesn't curse the "F" word every .5 seconds as um...hum..oh yeah, San Andreas and The Getaway.
I'll give it one thing that it deserves, Katamari Damacy is one of the most innovative styles of games that has come out in quite a while. Well, only because nobody would put crap on a laser disc and try to retail it, until now. As an experienced gamer, I do believe that this game is a bit how do you say..retarded and pointless, but I did enjoy picking up a variety of items such as baseball bats, shoes, and small animals(the little fluffy ones).
Rating: 4/10

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