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Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater
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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater- Konami
The third in the series takes us back before the first game even takes place. It takes a prequel to top of the series that has gained so much fan base. Kojima is a genious and if he did decide to take back his statment that he wouldn't make anymore of the Metal Gear Solid series I bet that he could gross millions more. From a man that had a screen full of shotty pixels, ie. the first metal gear, to a man that created the best and most widely known espianage spy game, I'd say that hes doing pretty well.
The game starts off where the game is set, in the jungle. A natural environment where the only means that you have to survive are an army knife and years of CIA training. Having to fill in the blanks of the briefing that you reveive and hide your tracks along the way, the game is the most in-depth spy game with vast environments through which you must battle bee stings, fire, poison arrows, a sleeping old man and his parrot, and your own kills.
Incorporating the environment and uncovering a lot of the story that was blurry in the first two in the trilogy, Snake Eater is my favorite game to date and will be put to the test with the next generation of games here to come.
I've learned the correct way to sneak up and slice a man's neck, I've learned the best way to camoflauge into an enemy military base, but the only thing that I might consider is that snakes make for an awesomely tasty treat when hunger strikes.
Rating: 10/10

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