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Sin City
Director: Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller
Cast: Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Benicio Del Toro, Clive Owen, Elijah Wood, Jessica Alba, Brittany Murphy, Josh Hartnett, Nick Stahl, Rosario Dawson
Rated R: sustained strong stylized violence, nudity and sexual content including dialogue
There are movies based on books that I have seen that do not come close to the original action, adventure, drama, or even storyline of the novel, Sin City is definately not one of them. The cinematic interpretation of the screenplay is completly awesome, using artsey cinematography similar to that of Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow(2004) to show the genious of the director and the writer.
Comic book movies could not have been this good, this movie was based not only on a graphic(comic book) novel, but it was based on three graphic novels incorporating all three stories and a mega list of actors and actresses on the screen. The cast chemistry works really well with the different characters and situations that would be difficult to portray otherwise.
Marv(Rourke) is a huge but not dumb brute that strives for vengeniance for the only woman that treated him like a human. His path runs into Nancy(Alba) and Shellie's(Murphy) paths at the bar he regularly visits. Nancy is a (now 19) girl that Hartigan(Willis) saves in when she was a child. Minor roles were played by Elijah Wood, a quiet but ravish killer, and Josh Hartnett a swavy hitman.
The reasons why one would see this movie would be for the perfectness of the comic book style, the real language and the bold actions by the characters. Most of the fight scenes were incrediblely worked as they would on print in a real comic book, but with the actual motion of the film. Great movie to see if you love fiction, comic books, and/or action films. Everything you would expect from a comic book mixed with the quality of a big-time Hollywood flick.
Good Points:
-The physical and gun fights looked incredible
-Dialogue was sleek and to the point
-Stylistic cinematography
Bad Points:
-Should have looked a little more real while keeping the comic book effect
-Time frames seemed offset, although it turned out to look artsy, mixing different types of decades
Rating: 9.5/10
Joekools thoughts
Sin City really didnt do it for me. I wanted to like it, but I just couldnt bring myslef to become totally in awe. Visually the film was amazing, brilliant! The Black & white set a great tone similiar to the graphic novel, and the small colors that showed some appearnece such a blood gave the film that artistic charm. The biggest gripe of the film that I have is the slowness, I was bored with about 30 minutes left. Anyways, the best chracter was Mickey Rourkes Marv, and the best story was the last one with Bruce Willis, that was a masterpiece. I give it a 7.5/10.

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