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Watch out for this breakout role for Tom Hanks. Well, he broke out of the WWII movies that hes been involved in at least. A well put together movie that has Tom playing a character who actually has to learn the language.
Kerkoshia is annexed and broken up into different pieces during a political feud. Tom's character is stranded in an international airport without a citezenship and he has crackers and ketchup to eat unless he can quickly round of the luggage carts and get the deposits back to earn enough money to eat, buy books, and pay for his dates. 
Tom's character is pushed around by the airport security guards and regardless of all of their efforts they cannot for the life of them figure out why this stupid foreigner doesn't just walk out of the airport.
Tom watches his step as he gets aid from the airport janitor crew helping him to woo the relationship confused flight attendant that is attached to a married man. Trying to fulfull his father's wishes by getting autographs of some jazz performers from the States.
Good Points:
-Nicely arranged and a few familiar faces.
-Original storyline and believable acting.
Bad Points:
-A bit too mellow.
Rating-  8.5/10

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