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Team America: World Police
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Director: Trey Parker
Cast: Matt Stone, Trey Parker
Rated R: graphic crude and sexual behavior, violent images and strong language -- all involving puppets.
Running Time- 105 min.
Stepping out of the world of television cartoon humor, Matt and Trey portray their interpretations of real-life politics. With their witty usage of marionetts and controversially charged themes, the pair defile the innocent and take a stab at Alec Baldwin and his crew of F.A.G.s.
Opening with a band of terrorists using Paris as their warzone, Team America drops in to save the day, leaving rubble and debri behind them. The fighting talent during this first part of the film exeeds the scenes like in the Matrix, and all of Jackie Chan's movies. In actuality they use a funny display of the pupets' limits after the musical anticipation.
The recruiting of a broadway singer leads Team America to plan a final lockout of any and all terrorist networks, which backfires. The crappy make-up and uncoordinated infiltration attempts leads the team to confront the N. Korean ruler Kim Jong ill(spelling?).
In all the movie is politically hilarious and gives another view of the world as the insane pair see it. A must see comedy no matter your opinion. It's just freakin funny!!
Good Points
-Funny depiction of leaving a bar drunk.
-Very humorous.
-Politics broken down into comedy.
Bad Points
- Sometimes too much attempted humor, or over the edge
- Too preachy on one side of politics.
Rating: 8/10
Joekools Thoughts:
It was funny the first time, a little too much though. I geuss its just not one of those movies that appeal to me. The stuff that evryone was laughing at was just not that funny. People would be near tears and I would just say, "Ehh it was kinda funny." I give it a 6/10.

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