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A Review By Joekool


Director- James Wan
Cast- Cary Elwes, Danny Glover, Monica Potter, Leigh Whannel
Rated R: strong grisly violence and language
Running Time- 100 min.
Director James Wan (I think that his name) did an absolute brilliant job. He put me through and hour and 45 minutes of pure awesomness. This movie was excellent. From beginning to end. The plot is of one I have never seen before, it was the best part of the film.
The flashbacks of Jigsaw's (the killer) past victims was unbelievable. The torture and situations they went through were amazing. This film is very gorey, but if you got a stomach that can handle it, you will be amazed rather than sickened. Another thing that is very cool, is that the killer never physically kills his victims, they end up dieing because of their situation, but he never, by his own hand, kills his victims.
The acting is okay. Cary Elewes does appear to overract in a scene, but it didnt get to me. Everybody elses acting was average or a little below. Elwes, who is one of my favorite actors (very underrated), is, and I am sad to say this, the weakest actor.
The ending was brilliance. Two twists are thrown at you from out of the thinness of the air. You think one thing, then a twist is thown at yo, and you expect a twist, but then here comes another, and it leaves you speechless. i leterally had my jaw dropped, and Pepsi spilling out of my mouth. So awesoome!
Over all, this is a must see, its definatley in my top 10 of the year. It really not a horror movie but a thriller (that thrills) with horror elements.Better than Silence of the Lambs, and just a hair short of Seven. Go see it!
Good points
-Direction is outstadning
-Plot is unbeleivably amazing
-Ingenious that the film mostly takes part in one room
-A Thriller that thrilled
Bad Points
-Acting was poor

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