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A Review By Joekool


Director- Oliver Stone
Cast- Colin Farrel, Val Kilmer, Angelina Jolie, Rosario Dawson
Rated R: for violence and some sexualtiy/nudity
Running Time- 176 min.
Going in to the theater, I did not know much about Alexander the great. I knew that he conquered the world basically, but beyond that, nothing.

As it began we witness Alexander at his young age, growing with influences form his mother and father. Great acting accompanied the first act, and by the time we got to the first battle, my fear of a lack of good pacing had diminished. It was good up to the first battle. The first battle was underwhelming. There were no consistent shots of fighting, just wide shots of the armies, until Alexander reached the Persian leader, then the mix of Drama and bloodshed was a good mix. The movie was getting a 9/10 from me up to that point.

After the first battle we are thrown into the slowest part of the film. It was too damn slow! It did have a few scenes of brilliant acting with Colin Farrel (who deserves a Oscar nomination for this) and Val Kilmer, who again does a great job. Angeline Jolie was about average, I feel she overracted some of her scenes. Between the two battles we see the homosexuality between Alexander and that guy whos name I dont know how to spell (Hephistion???). There were some idiot guys behind me, smirking and laughing during all the gayness, which really irratated me. I can see why they were laughing, but grow up man. I do not agree with homosexuality, but I respect other people own decisions, so that didnt bother me (the gaynees, the smirking bothered me). The sex scene between Roxanne and ALexander, I think, wasnt needed. The movie was just too slow between battles, and that really hurt it.

By the time the second battle came, I was ready for it to happen 30 minutes before. The second battle was much better than the first, it was great. the slow motion shots of Alexander riding up to the lephant was stunning, and the red technicolor picture after Alexander had been hit with the arrow, was genius.

The last bit where Alexander dies, shined only because of Farrel's acting, who was the star of the film.

The Visual Effects are good, the art direction and basically all of the tecnical areas shine. Some of the Cinematography is a little shakey, but not so much that it hurts the film.

Good points
-Colin Farrel's acting
-Val Kilmer's acting
-the second battle
-Visual FX and Art Direction are great

Bad points
-weak script
-Angelina Jolies overacting
-the pacing of the film between battles
-underwhelming first battle
-minor areas of bad cineamatography (not that much)

Rating- 6.5/10

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