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A Review By Rocksoildus


Director- Joel Schumacher
Cast- Emmy Russom, Gerard Butler, Patrick Wilson, Minnie Driver
Running Time- 143 min.
Rated PG-13: for brief violent images
After studying this playwrite for two weeks previous to seeing it, I would have to say that the interpretation was wonderful. Although Joel Schumacher interpreted the whole story for a movie version, he stayed fairly close to the way Andrew Lloyd Webber's original script was styled.
During the movie the story reveals itself, starting out a bit choppy in the beginning and filling in the blank spaces with flashbacks and forshadowing. Erik's (Butler) hanieous childhood led him to live in underground vaults and passageways of the Opera Populaire. Christine (Rossum) was also brought to live at the theatre after the unfortunate deaths of her parents.
In her mind the Angel of Music comes to secretly tutor Christine as she becomes a great soprano, eventually stealing the role of the diva soprano Carlotta (Driver).
The story takes off when Raul(Wilson) the Vicomte de Chagny finds himself watching his childhood sweetheart and decides to kindle the flame, which ultimately enrages the Phantom.
The music is wonderfuly put together by Simon Lee, sequenced with the awesome effects on screen. The music is the movie, if you don't like music, then don't see this movie.
Good Points:
-Story adaptation is flawless
-The set is spectacular, you feel like you are in the Phantom's lair.
-Highly entertaining and keeps a hold of the viewers' interest through out the film.
Bad Points:
-The masquerade scene was visually confusing at times
-Bad cinematography during the sword duel in the cemetary.
Rating: 9.5/10

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