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A Review By Joekool

Million Dollar Baby
Director- Clint Eastwood
Cast- Clint Eastwood, Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman
Rated PG-13: for violence, some disturbing images, theamatic material and language
Clint Eastwood continues his amazing exploration of the human soul. Last year he had Mystic River. A dark tale of murder and betrayal, and that was an amazing film. This year he has exceeded that and much more. With Million Dollar Baby, Eastwood has created a masterpiece that touches the heart and soul like nothing he has ever done.
In Million Dollar Baby, Frankie (Eastwood) is a aging boxing trainer you very reluctantly agrees to train a female boxer named Maggie (Swank). I know what you are thinking. "A female boxing movie, how on earth could this be good." Well I got news for you, this is not a boxing movie, it is a movie about a boxer. Boxing is something in this film that is their just for exposition. The real story is the deep inner human soul, and the power of sorrow and emotion. It is a tearjerker, most definatley. I have to admit, I did become teary-eyed in this film, which only proves its greatness.
The cast is phenomanal. Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, and Hilary Swank give the best perfromance of their lives in this movie. Freeman especially as Scrap, Frankies best freind, lights up the screen with a remarkable performace that is completely sensational and deserves triumph.
As a complete movie, Million Dollar Baby achieves greatness. Simply put, it is superb, and a near masterpiece.
Good Points
-Directing is top notch
-Acting is phenomenal
-Story is good
-Achieves emotional power
Bad Points
-Weak dialouge at some points
-Could have been a masterpiece
Rating- 9.5/10

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