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Hotel Rwanda
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Director- Terry George
Cast- Don Cheadle, Sophie Okenado, Joaquin Pheonix, Nick Nolte
Rated PG-13: for violence, disturning images, and brief strong language 
Africa, hey, not one of the most technological nations, but easy to look at. Don Cheadle does quite a bit of justice to this insatiable outlook on a demon-like masacre of over 1 million humans. The fierce rivalry between the tutus and ? blows up and tugs a ? man with tutu family and friends in many directions until he is forced to put himself and everything he fights for in jeopardy when he holds a refugee camp at the hotel which he is in charge.
The movie is very depictive by showing the graphic nature of the crimes that had taken place in Rwanda. Cheadle does an awesome job by showing the pain and greivance that one man had gone through to save the people closest to him. Nicholas Nolte as the U.N. peace leader in temporary charge of settling the dispute battles between saving a group of people in need and his own jurisdiction in the matter.
Unlike a few of the recent movies that have come out, Hotel Rwanda is just long enough to get the point across but doesn't let you wonder which one of the endings is going to be the final.
One of the controversial movies of the year, Hotel Rwanda got nominated for 3 Oscars (Actor, Supporting Actress, Original Screenplay) but didnt recieve any. It Got plenty of recognition in the golden globes. Excellent movie based on the trials of an social leader and the turn of the rebel rivalry in Africa. Great film depiction of a historical event, highly recomended.
Good Points:
-Acting is phenominal
-story line and interpretation excellent
Bad Points:
-Should have been moved to R with more blood and graphic violence
Rating: 10/10

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