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A Review By Joekool


Director- Matrin Scorsese
Cast- Leonardo Dicaprio, Cate Blanchett, John C. Reily, Alan Alda
Rated PG-13: for theamtic elements, sexual content, nudity, language an crash sequence
Well, where to start. How about the story. Howard Hughes was an icon of his time, and what he accomplished was his dream, hoever, it did cost him. In the fact that he became a little, how do you say, insane or crazy. His styory is a one that is influential and inspiring. If his coworkers said it couldnt be done, he said "Do it!"
Leonardo DiCaprio is absolutely phenomenal in this movie. You forget completely that he is DiCaprio, and see Howard Hughes through and through. He engulfed the character perfectly. His Oscar nomination is a sure bet, and I would say that he should win. Cate Blanchett as Katherine Hepburn was okay. I do not know what Hepburn was like in her early days, but Blanchett came off as annoying. Tom me at least. She still di pretty good. Ian Holm, Alan Alda, and Alec Baldwin all deserve credit as well.
Directing wise is a little different. The movie was toolong to keep one interested the entire time, and that is not good directing. I think Martin Scorsese is a brilliant director and a great guy, but he did not impress me with his directing in this film. The movie is good, but if it were shorter it could have been a masterpiece. It just dragged too much.
Technically this movie is fabulous. from Visual Effects to Art Direction to Cinematogrpahy. This will do very well  at the Oscar tecnically.
Over all this movie is very good. It could have been much better if it did not drag as much. It is getting mre credit than it deserves, awardswise. Of course this is only my opinion. I recomend this movie to anyone. See it for the performances
Good Points
-DiCaprio's acting (brilliant)
-Story is good
-Visually amazing
Bad Points
-Too long
-In some scenes Blanchett came off as annoying
Rating- 8.8/10 Edit Text

ROCKSOLIDUS' thoughts:
Put together very nicely. Watching what felt like four hours of a schizophrenic trying to stop his jittering speach. Some of the best highlights of the movie were when he was challenging the Congressman's public hearings and when Howard finally got his montrous airplane to take flight. Wonderful to sit through, but could have possibly been a bit shorter.
Rating: 8/10

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