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A Review by Joekool


The Jacket
Director- John Maybury
Cast- Adrien Brody, Kiera Knightley, Kris Kirstofferson
Rated R- for violence, language, and breif sexuality/nudity
Running time- 102 min.
Writers Marc Rocco and Massy Tadjedin along with Director John Maybury's vision tried to create a original physological thriller that was in fact worth the price of admission. Did they achieve that? Yes, and much more.
Adrien Brody plays Jack Starks, a gulf war veteran returning to his home town in Vermont while suffering from amnesia. When is is falsely accused for murder e is thrwon into an asylum on the count of his "insanity." There he meets Dr. Becker, whom treats his pateince with an abnromal expierment, consisting of a heavy course of drugs, a strange straight jacket, and the locking in a basement morgue drawer. This process sends Starks (Brody) on a journey into the future, where he eventually forsees his own death. Which in reality is near. So with the help of a woman in the future Starks trys tow rewrite the past in the future.
Even though you kinda fell like your watching Donnie Darko and The Butterfly Effect mixed together the story is still quite good. It is not predictable, which is why this film is so great. It is kinda of an ambigous film. And the fact this it is unpredictable all the way to the end keeps you interested through the enitre experience.
The acting is superb. Brody shines with great chrisma and charm and he easily is the star of the film overshadowing everyone. Knigtley does a fine job, much more heart and soul than her previous role in Pirates of the Caribbean, and a better performance.
This film is so far the best movie of the year (March 4th) . The story feels like its been done before, but it stillpretty original once you look at it. The acting and suspense are brilliant. Dont let the big critics stray you away from this film, cause this critic is right when it comes to movies, always.
Good Points
-Acting is great
-Story is superb
-Keeps you interested the entire way through
-Wonderful suspense 
Bad points
-Seemingly been done before story.
Rating- 8.6/10

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