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The Ring Two

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A review by Joekool

Director- Hideo Nakata
Cast- Naomi Watts, David Dorfman, Kelly Stables, Sissy Spacek, Simon Baker
Rated PG-13: for violence/terror, disturbing images, thematic elements and some language
Running Time- 107 min.
This is the first time in the history of my movies seeing career that I went to see a movie just for a trailer and not the movie. There have been other instances where I went to see amovie for a trailer and still kinda wanted to see the movie, but this was not so. The trailer was War of the Worlds and it was spectacular. Didnt show too much, but just enough to wet your whistle. I wish I could write this review on the War of the Worlds trailer insted of The Ring Two, it would be less agonizing.
After the War of the Worlds trailer (and other great ones like Sin City), I was practically forced to sit through 1 hour and 47 minutes of Monkeys flinging poo at each other (a friend begged me to go) . Actually I take that back, watching monkeys throw crap at each other would have been more interesting than some movie called The Ring Two.
Was this supposed to be suck? Was this movie supposed to have plot holes? Do CGI deer attacking a car look pathetically ridiculous? Did I cry out of the autrocity of this movie? The answer to all those questions is a big YES. Although I didnt really cry, but I felt like it. If you are wondering about the CGI deer, it was a scene where Rachel (Watts) and her son Aidan (Dorfman) are attacked in the middle of a highway by a herd of deer. They must of hated the direction of the movie as I did, because they relentlessly pounded the car into oblivion.
The Ring Two is definatley not as good as the original. It lacked everything the Original had. It did have one jumpy moment but that was pretty much it, and the story was like looking at some swiss cheese, the ohles representing the plot holes of the movie. I wanted to puke on the person next to me after watching this piece of trash, oh wait....there was no one else in the theater cause no one wanted to see this load of flatulence (joking, but it should have been empty).
Good Points
-One Jmupy scene
-Somora climbing out of the well like a frog.
Bad Points
-Wooden acting
-Plot holes
-Not scary enough
-Crappy story
Rating- 5/10

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