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A Review by Joekool


Director- Florent Emilio Siri
Cast- Bruce Willis, Kevin Pollack, Jimmy Bennett, Jimmy Pinchak, Johnathan Tucker
Rated R for: strong graphic violence, language and some drug use
Running time- 112 minutes
Currently as I write this it is March 22nd. And even though it is early I have declared Hostage the Best Sleeper of the year. If you dont know what that means, listen here. A sleeper is a film that I did not think was going to be particularly good, but I saw it by chance and good word of mouth from reviews around the net (particualrly at forums). So I went in to Hostage not expecting anything spectacular, but something at least to entertain my addiction for movies. Did I get what I ecpected? No! I got more!
Hostage is the Best Action thriller in my recent memory. Its got the violence, suspense, brilliant acting, and a storyline that twists more than once. It has everything that makes a great popcorn flick.
The Beginning and Ending of the film is masterpiece filmmaking. Complete and sheer awesomeness!! If the film were as good as the beginning and end it would have very easily recied a 10/10. And by my ranking terms a 10 is a masterpiece. I am not saying that the middle of the film is bad, oh hell no. The thick and thin of the movie is very good and contains some great scenes, all I am saying is the the beginning and end are the best parts of the movie.
Bruce Willis is a full throtle badass in this movie. If there is not an ass to kick in the situation he verbally attacks them with negotiator expertise, and it still feels like he kicked ass. Acting wise he was phenomenal, probably one the best roles I have seen him in, and maybe his best performance since The Sixth Sense.
Overall Hostage is a solid Action film. Definatley worth the price of admission. Once again dont let the critics steer you away from the greatness of this movie. I almost let them do that, but managed to see it anyway, and am so full of joy that I did. Go see it, you wont regret it!
Good Points
-Beginning and Ending are masterpieces
-Bruce Willis = Badass
-Two plots intervined for a great story
Bad Points
-had the potential to be better
Rating- 8.5/10

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