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Snakes On a Plane
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A Review by Joekool


Snakes On a Plane
Director- David Ellis
Cast- Samuel L. Jackson, Kenan Thompson
Rated R: for violence, sexuality/nudity, language, and some drug use
Running time-
How does one review a movie like this, let alone give it a rating. This film is purposely so bad that its good, seriuosly, and its supposed to belike that. Snkes On a Plane is a "B" movie, which basically means its gonna be cheesy bad. Kinda like those made for TV movies on the SciFi channel, however, this is a god and entertaining "B" movie, if there is such a thing. Which means that its, as I said, so bad its good.
Here's the premise. A guy sees a crimelord kill someone in Hawaii, the feds protect him for him to testify against the man in L.A., so they got to fly back for the trial. However this crimelord fills the plane with venomous snakes and puts a pharamone in the air that makes the snakes go crazy, snakes on "crack" if you could imagine. So while in flight these snakes are released onto the plane and all hades breaks loose, and the passengers must work together to survive until they get to L.A. Samuel L Jackson leads the brigade against the snakes as the FBI agent protecting the witness.
This is just good cheesy fun. Without n audience to watch this I dont know If I would have liked it. The audeince makes the film what it is, turning something into comedy that if by yourself, may not have been funny.
There are plenty of gruesome deaths: Snakes biting arms, legs, eyes, butts, hoohoo's, and the human female equivalent of a cow utter. Samueal L. Jackson rocks in this movie, he's in full throtle kick ass mode. and when he uttered the epic line "I've had it with these motherf**king snakes on this motherf**king plane!" the theater erupted in cheers and applause.
The acting is mediocre, Jackson does fine, and the screenplay is pretty dull except for a few key lines. There are so many plotholes it makes a screen door look like a brick wall. Normall all thse elements would result in a bad movie. But theres something that differs this from others of those qualities...entertainment. Its fun to watch and pretty dang funny. An enojyable film experience, and thats why we go to the movies.
Again if you dont know what this film is supposed to be, and thats a "B"movie, then you wont like it, also see with an audience or you wont enjoy it. Even though its bad in filmmaking terms the entertainment value is high enough to warrant a view. I dont recomend it to everyone, just those smart enough to understand the purpose of the movie....are you one of those people...are you smart enough?????
Good Points
-Samuel L. Jackson in smack down mode
-So bad, its good
Bad Points
-Plot holes
-Dull screenplay
-Bad acting from most
In terms of filmmaking- 4/10
Entertainment value- 8.4/10
Overall- 7.8/10 (entertainment, weighs out quality)

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