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Lady In the Water
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A Review by Joekool


Lady In the Water
Director- M. Night Shyamalan
Cast- Paul Giamatti, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeffery Wright
Rated PG-13: for some frightening sequences
Running time- 110 min.
Shyamalan is probably one of the greatest and most unique directors out there. He has his own style, technique, camera work, etc. He has brought us such gems as The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs. I dont want to mention The Village, that was a bad dream. Shymalan has visited the worlds of aliens, supernatural, and superheros; now he delves in fantasy wih his latest film Lady In the Water.
Lady In the Water began as a bedtime story Night told his children, and then he took it to the next step and actaully created a tale. it involves a Narf(Howard) named Story who comes from the blue world to earth to start an awakening in man. She shows up in the pool which is a portal to the blue world. there she meets the manager Cleveland Heep (Giamatti). From here on out we get thrown into a intrinsic plot, with the core being that the memebers of the Cove apt. complex have to help Story get back to her world before the Scrunt kills her. Oh it sounds simple, but Im not going to even try to explain the details...just go see it.
The story is good, just take my word for it. It has involving and juicy characters, and some twists that keep you intrigued. Theres no huge lame twist like the Village, so dont fret over that. Most importantly of all, this fairy tale brings out the kid in you, while it not being kid fable at all. There are plenty of classic Shyamlan moments.
The acting is superb...flawless. Giamatti is brilliant as Cleveland Heep. perfect delivery, great emotion, etc. Howard is good but her character isnt given much flexibility to show something. the rest of the cast including Jeffery Wright does well. Shyamalan himself takes a rather lerger role than he's done before, and due to his character some critics say his ego got the best of him. That may be right, but if he does the character justice...why not. But then again..why? You prbably have no idea what im talking about, but if you see the film just pay attention to Shyamalans character. Theres also a unique character in the film that is a film critic. clearly Shyamalan is sending a message here, especially when the character says, "I have come to terms that theres no originality left in the world." Lost again? see thne movie.
In conclusion, the film is a great entertaining piece of work. An enjoyable but, could be hard to understand by some, story. The techincal aqspects re perfect, and the acting is awesome. I liked it, I I reccomend it to you. But i do think you need an open mind for Lady In the Water.
Good Points
-Unique story
-Great characters, with awesome acting
-Brilliant cinematography
-Masterful score
Bad Points
-Can be hard to follow
-May be to wierd to some.
Rating- 8.6/10

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