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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
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A Review by Joekool


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Director- Gore Verbinski
Cast- Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Kiera Knightley, Bill Nighy, Jack Davenport, Stellan Skarsgard, Johnathan Pryce
Rated PG-13: for intense sequences of adventure violence, including frightening images
Running time- 151 min
Ahoy there! Captain Jack Sparrow is back for more swashbuckling, epic, adventurous adventures...savy. The first film in the trilogy "The Curse of the Black Pearl" was an outstanding film, and the most fun i have in ages, rightfully so if it sits at #4 on my all-time list. And after such wide and glorious success, sequals were nearly a surety.
So here we have it the second of the trilogy, the first of the two sequals that were filmed back-to-back, Dead Man's Chest. Everyone is back, inculding the techincal staff. so another amazing adventure was the least i expected. In this film Sparrow finds out that he owes a debt to Davy Jones, a extraordinary sea like creature man thing, and that he owes him his soul. Sparrow then embarks on a quest to find the Dead Man's Chest which holds the beating heart of Davy Jones and the power to control his ship, The Flying Dutchman, and his crew. Meanwhile Will Turner and Elizabeth are about to get married until a high ranking authority from England comes and locks them up, and sentences them to death for helping an pirate escape the noose. But he will pardon the crime if Will can find Sparrow and bring the man his compass, that shows more than the eyes sees. And thus we are off on another remarkable story.
The story in this is extraordinary, perhaps more so than its predecessor. There is so much going on and so many interesting things happening that its hard to not try and be encompassed in its grandness. If your not in to it, then you may not be able to follow it as well, but the chances of that happening to anyone except the people who hate happiness are low. There are plenty of laughs, and many chances to cheer on the characters, even moments of just plain jaw-drops. The ending is a cliffhanger, but it is an excellent one, and leaving you wanting so much more that holding back tears beacuse the next one is a long year away is not uncommon.
Acting is better than the first, Bloom and Knightley got better, due to them now being more relaxed and experienced. And Depp is the freaking master of cinema so he was perfect as always, he owns the show, the king of the mountain, the sultan of acting. Captain Jack Sparrow has now pretty much achieved iconic status, near the top of the list for greatest character in film history.
The action is wonderful. Scenes of giant squids sinking ships, cannibal escapes. This films has it all. The epic three-way sword duel between Jack, Will, and Norrington approaches such masterpiece action sequences that were first captured with majestic skill in the Indiana Jone trilogy. Simply breathtaking, i didnt know it could be done.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is just as fun as Curse of the Black Pearl, but yet I didnt find it to be as good, perhaps due to the fact that the ifrst was a surprise, and this was expected. Itlso almost over does it with so much stuff in it, almost overwhelming in a sense, but its not enough to turn you astray, oh no. This, by far, is the most fun I have had at th cinema this year.
Cant wait for the third film "At Worlds End." Due out next memorial day.
Good Points
-More character driven 
-Great action scenes
-Captain Jack Sparrow
-Fascinating story
Bad Points
-Almost too much length
Rating- 9.5/10

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