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A Reveiw by Joekool


Director- Rian Johnson
Cast- Joseph Gordon- Lovettes
Rated R: for violence, sexuality, and some drug content
Running time- 110 min
I have fortunately been able to view some independent films as of late, a luxury that one should never pass up. Just because these films are independent doesnt mean thay should be overlooked, most that make it out into theaters around the nation is due to the fact that they were so good and raved, it was demanded. Brick is such a film. Getting fantastic reviews and winning the prize for originality at the Sundance film festival late last year.
Brick, directed by first-timer Rian Johnson, is the story of a teenager, Brendan, and his struggle to find the killer of his murdered ex-girlfriend. After he finds is ex-girlfriend dead at the end of  tunnel in an empty canal, Brendan goes on a determined man-hunt; infiltrating the cities drug kingdom and its accomplices, the people that his ex-girlfriend were involved with.
Wow was this movie great. Ill just out-right say it. It was amazing! The acting is quite flawless. Jospeh Gordon-Lovetts gives the best performance of the year so far. His intensity, delivery, intelligence, and emotion was off the charts. He's come along way from his role in the hit sitcom 3rd Rock From the Sun (which should still be on the air!) Definately awards-worthy, but sadly this film may be too small to get any major recognition, but Ill give it credit dangit!
The most eye-popping qulity of the film is the eccentric but the fan-freaking-tastic screenplay. the dialouge is reminiscent of the 1940's and 30's crime noir films. For the average dumb movie-goer it might be confusing, but if your smart your follow whats happening. With this 40's noir type dialouge it intrigues even more into the atmosphere and story, we become so involved with what going on we feel like we are on Lovetts shoulder watching the tale unravel. Masterful!
This may not be playing everywhere in the nation due to it being Independent, but if you get a chance to see this, take it, and do it immediately. You wont regret it, it is outstanding. And I know that when I see it.
Good Points
-Jospeh Gordon-Lovetts
-Masterful screenplay
Bad Points
-You might wonder why teenagers are talking so intellectually.
Rating- 9.2/10

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