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Kingdom of Heaven Directors Cut
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A Review by Joekool


Kingdom of Heaven: Director's Cut
Director- Ridley Scott
Cast- Orlando Bloom, Eva Green, Jeremy Irons,Marton Corton, Brendan Gleeson, Edward Norton, Liam Neeson, Alexander Siddig, David Thewlis
Not Rated
Running Time- 194 min
Last May The theatricl version opened to mixed to pretty good reviews and a dissapointing domestic boxoffice, although it did well overseas. I enjoyed the theatrical version, but as I and many others thought, it was shallow, a bit dry on emotion, sometimes some of the actions had no motifs, and you could tell there were some things left out. As with what happend to King Arthur, I could tell the studio had a hand in the final version.

A year after its theatrical release we finally get to see the actual Kingdom of Heaven, what Ridley Scott wanted the film to be. The theatrical ran at 144 min, the Director's Cut is 194 min. An additional 50 minutes. This 50 minutes adds so much more its amazing.

There is more character development, something that was missing in the theatrical. More emotion, more action, the plot is fleshed out, and we understand all of the actions and feelings of the characters. The performances by everyone seem enhanced due to additional scenes where there characters are fleshed out more. We now understand fully Eva Green's character Sybilla, and why she cuts her hair, etc. We even get the privelage of meeting her son, whom is the actual heir to the throne, and has a great deal to do with the plot. A scene in paticular shows us the true depth of Eva Green in this. She could have gotten an Oscar nomination. So much more, so much more that we should have sen in the first version.

With the additional 50 minutes the film flows even better than the original. Its considerably better. No tremendously better. This is the version that should have been released. If that were so, Fox would have had a hit and a Best Picture nomination and maybe a win.

The Director's Cut is the only version that should be seen. Hopefully it will be remebered and celebrated as a timeless classic. Much like Blade Runner's Director's Cut, this is the one that should be remembered and shown.

Rating- 10/10

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