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A Review by Joekool


United 93
Director- Paul Greengrass
Cast- Christian Clemenson, Erich Redman, Peter Hermann, Susan Blommaert, Ben Slinney, Opal Alladin
Rated R: for some intense sequences of terror and violence
Running time- 90 min

Short review, full reviw to come later.
United 93 is the story of the passengers that fought back against the terrorists on September 11, 2001 aboard United Arilines Flight 93. A day that we will never forget, and a day we never want to remember. They managed to foil the terrorists plans but at the costs of their own lives. The plane never reached the target, crashing in a field in Pennsylvania. This is their story of courage and valor in the face of evil and fear.

Paul Greengrass, directs this film. And it is his greatest accomplishment. He doesnt go overboard with the terror, keeping the realism aspect primed. A wonderful directorial work. The screenplay which Greengrass also wrote, is good and to the point, well ployed.

There are no big actors in this, which turned out to be a great choice, we dont see stars rebelling, we see normal people fighting for their lives. The acting is superb. An all around great ensemble performance.

The films is magnificent in pretty much all aspects. Its a tear-jerker, no doubt. Instead of a tale of complete tradgedy, there is some hope, even if it is a fool's hope. At some point a thought crosses ones mind, that maybe they can retake the plane and get out of this alive, and you beg for it to happen. But just as we knew it would happen all along, even before coming into the theater, the haunting and horrible end of the United 93 comes in a flash. And we are left in silence, the blank screen leaves us with nothing but our thoughts and our fluctuating emotions, an experience like no other

This film may be too soon for some, the climax is haunting and is tragic, but a brilliantly done scene. This is a film that not many people will see more than once cause no one wants to really relive the emotions. But its an important film, and should be seen, even if it is only once.

It is a tale of heros who stood up to the evil opressors, but never lived so that we could acknowledge their courage.

Best film of the year so far

Rating- 10/10



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