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A Review by Joekool


Scary Movie 4
Director- David Zucker
Cast- Anna Faris, Craig Bierko, Leslie Nielson, Regina Hall
Rated PG-13: for crude and sexual humor throughout some comic violence and language
Runnting time- 90 min.
Scary Movie what? 17, 23, oh yeah 4. Its the 4th installment in the Scary Movie franchise. The first two were like watching someone who thinks there funny but everyone knows they're not and you want to drwon them in mercury. The third got better, mostly due to Airplane! director David Zucker, who knows everything about the blue pirnts of a spoof. And thank goodness he came back to do the fourth.
Spoof wise, It serves its purpose quite well. Films spoofed include: Saw I & II, The Village, The Grudge, The Skeleton Key, War of the Worlds, Million Dollar Baby, and Brokeback Mountain. The Saw spoofs are definatley the ones with the most halarity. The doll is so bloody funny. The Million Dollar Baby spoof is also originally funny.
The cast's acting is on par. Newcomer, Craig Bierko, who played Max Baer in the masterful Cinderella Man, is the best of the group, giving a wonderfully humourous performance. His character spoofing Cruise's character in War of the Worlds.
Of course, as in most spoofs, the plot is very simple. Aliens invade, find way to stop aliens. But thats not what spoofs are about. Its all about the funniness. Scary Movie 4, serves that purpose in an average way. Its just not as funny as I wanted it to be. Some spoofs werent very funny at all.
However, the movie is an entertaining one, and youll laugh out loud more than once. Its just as good as Scary Movie 3, and much better than the abismal first two.
Good Points
-Good funny moments
-Craig Bierko
-Saw spoofs
Bad points
-some spoofs werent funny
Rating- 7/10

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