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Conflict: Global Terror- 2k Games
A definate step into urban assault training. This title strays from the traditional outdoor environment style of the Conflict series. Global Terror sticks with the same 4 person team that Socom and the previous Conflict titles have introduced to the game industry, which gives a totally different edge in the world of FPS's. Great advantage to this sequel, keeping the style of gameplay that works, and just changing the environment.
The game, using a 100% rebuilt engine, boasting radically enhanced graphics, a refined order system, highly detailed characters, hi-tech weaponry and equipment definately will be on my x-mas list this season.

Set in the age of popularizing the defeat of terrorism, Global Terror definately compels the players to take personal action, and to get a piece of the enemy. Realistic situations in the urban and rural threat zones, this game launches the series into the future with all of the inovations that the creators had introduced.
Global Team Go!! I compell you to try this game for yourself, after the basic training course to freshen up on your skills, you'll be able to control a quad of trained killers to take down the enemy effectively and efficiently.
Rating- 8.5/10

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