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A Review by Joekool


Lucky Number Slevin
Director- Paul McGuigan
Cast- Josh Hartnett, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley, Lucy Lui
Rated R: for strong violence, sexuality, and language
Running time- 110 min.
Lucky Number Slevin quietly slams into april with a very good cast, consisting of Josh Hartnett, Bruce Willis, Lucy Lui, Morgan Freeman, and Ben Kingsley. And thank goodness Sir Kinglsey mad a wise choice and got a role worthy of his acting ability, I swear that man just has roles in crappy films for fun, then makes oustanding ones just to show off, oh well. Well with that in mind accomapnied by a great story and screenplay Lucky Number Slevin could turn out to be one of best crime dramas this year.
Josh Hartnett plays Sleivn, a man who is in the wrong place and the wrong time. He gets tangle with two mob bosses who live across the street from each other. There is the "Boss" (Morgan Freeman) and the "Rabi" (Ben Kingsley). And due to past conflictions they despise each other. Each man thinks Slevin is a man named Nick Ficsher, and that he owes them money. After he gets involved the Rabi and the Boss each hire the same assassin (Bruce Willis) to take out Selvin, unknowing of the others involvement. And thus ensues an invigorating plot that involves murder, twists, and the truth of the secret past of Slevin.
Without a doubt, the best aspect of this film is the story. In the beginning you really have no idea whats going on or you this Slevin guy is, but as the plot unwinds revelation begins to spring in the minds of the viewers, and you say "whoa." Then you arrogantly claim you knew it all along, but you didnt, you didnt! The screenplay assists the story's magnificents with very original dialouge, which has some very well placed humor. It develops quite wonderfully.
The acting is above average, which is pretty expected with such a great cast. I thinkthis is one of Lucy Lui's greatest performances. Her character is unlike anything she has ever played before, and she did it well. Hartnett and Willis steal the show with their proficient acting greatness, plus being the coolest characters in the film. All around good acting.
The only real gripes i had, was that it was a bit slow in the beginning. And there was a scene of some pointless nudity, and when I mean pointless, I mean this had nothing to do with the plot, nothing, which makes it useless, and a hindrance.
I really enjoyed this film. I wasnt expecting anything spectacular or horrible, because I realy didnt know anything about it. What I got was a supreme story, great acting, which envelope into an excellent movie.
Good Points
-Fantastic plot
-Great acting
-Good screenplay
-the coolness of Willis and Hartnett's characters
Bad Points
-Slow in the beginning
-Pointless nudity (why!)
Rating- 9/10

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