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A Review by Joekool


The Benchwarmers
Director- Doug Dungan
Cast- Rob Schneider, David Spade, Jon Heder, Jon Livitz, Craig Kilborn
Rated PG-13: for crude and suggestive humor, and for language
Running time- 85 min
In the spirit of the little man beating the big man comes The Benchwarmers. three guys against little league teams to win a championship to where all the kids that get picked on will have a stadium to play on. Hmmmm where is this going?
The three geeks are: Gus, Richie, and Clark. Played by Rob Schnieder, David Spade, and John Heder. Richie and Clark are the worst baseball players in the world, so Gus basically wins all the games single handedly since he's experienced. This has the pontential of funniness. However, there is something else involved..crap.
Ok there some funny moments in this, mostly involving Spade's character, and a moment where Heder's chracter craps in an out-house, but other than that its a pretty horrendous piece of work. In fact this turned out to be more of kids film than the trailers tell us. Really, at the end instead of them playing its the geeky kids who get bullied all the time that get to play in the end. And they freaking get the mustard kicked off their faces! But no one cares, because at least the kids go to play. Thats what this movie is about. Break my nose, shave my head, and call me blad guy with a broken nose.
Save your money, if you want to rent it, go ahead, its not like it will kill you, but it just might, it just might.
Good Points
-A couple funny moments
-David Spade's character
Bad Points
-Most of the film isnt funny
-The plot
-Crappy dialouge
-Watching it
Rating- 5/10

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