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V For Vendetta

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A Review by Joekool


V For Vendetta
Director- James McTeigue
Cast- Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman, Steaphen Ray, Steaphen Fry, John Hurt
Rated R: for strong violence and some language
Running time- 132 min.
March brings us another graphic novel adaptation. Last year we had Sin City (which I didnt like) and A History of Violence, and now we get V For Vendetta, written and produced by the Wachowski brothers, creators of the Matrix trilogy. This film by far is the greatest graphic novel adaptation to date., burrowing on the screen with so much flavor and energy that my fingers tingled.
"Remember remember the 5tth of November." sorry its stuck in my head.  V for Vendetta, is set in the future, about 2025, and the British governemt has gone totalitariansim with a vile and cruel dictator residing as prime minister. But behold a terrorist codenamed "V" rebels agaisnt the government that is slowly enslaving the people, and seeks revenge on those who experimented on him and others long ago.
Hugo Weaving, who played Agent Smith the in Matrix trilogy, stars as "V", and he gives an absolutely fantastic performance both physically and mentally from behind the mask, an outing that should be remembered. Natalie Portman who co-leads the film with Weaving plays Eve, a woman who finds herself caught up in V's schemes and eventually befriends and joins his quest for revolution. Portman gives the best perfromance of her career in this role, her display of emotion and redemption are fantastic, and she solemnly becomes Eve, leaving her "hair" behind so to speak.
Probably the most enthralling attribute of this film is its complex and in depth story. Its inviggorating and applies the violence and coanicle moments with ease and perfection. The screenplay is masterfully brilliant, with dialouge of the upmost power and fluidity. The actors add even more to the dynamic screenplay with their tremendous acting, along with the great directing by James McTeigue.
The action is fantastic, not over the top, and is well layered into the movie. The climax of the film is a masterpiece. those line from V after he is pummeled by numerous amount of bullets, "My turn." and then he proceeds to mertilize his agressors. Wow that made the hair on my neck stand up. The musical score while not the best ever, was perfect for the film, and it shined the most in the climax.
You must see this movie. V For Vendetta is second only to Spiderman 2 as the greatest comic book movie ever made (a graphic novel is just a long comic book). and it is easily the best film of the year so far (March 17).
Good Points
-Masterful story
-Acting is tremendous
-Great action
-Screenplay is "awe" inspiring
Bad Points
-I cant find it in me to give it a 10/10
Rating- 9.5/10

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