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The Hills Have Eyes
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A Review by Joekool


The Hills Have Eyes
Director- Alexandre Aja
Cast- Aaron Stanford, Dan Bird, Emilie De Ravin, Ted Livine, Kathleen Quinlan, Vinessa Shaw
Rated R: for strong greusome violence and terror throughout, and for language
Runnging Time- 105 min.
It seems horror remakes have been the "thing" to do recently. With The Fog, When a Strange Calls, House of Wax, Dawn of the Dead, etc. Most of those remakes are so horrible they aren't worth the oxygen it takes to say the title. So next in line is The Hills Have Eyes, a remake of Wes Cravens 1977 horror classic. Does it also fall victim to the suckiness of the reprisal of horror remakes as the others did? Surprisngly it doesnt.
The Hills Have Eyes begins with a family on their way to Sand Deigo for vacation, but before the get there they decide to take a detour through the desert, for sceneary purposes. Yes the dad wanted to see the desert. However once their tires are mysteriously flattened the wreck there RV and they are stranded. Little do they realize that they will be in a fight for their lives against people who have been deformed by nuclear bomb tests the government did many years ago.
The aspect that differs this from other horror films is that it is vastly more intelligent. Recent horror movies are just mindless garbage with no originality accompanied by a bunch of stupid teenagers. This however is not a "teen" oriented film. sure their are two teenagers in the film, but they are not the sole main characters. Anyways back to the intelligence factor. There are no meaningless killings or terror situations, these deaths are well thought out, portrayed, and have emotion or trauma backing them. Also the script is quite well accompanied by some surprisingly good acting. Most of the family has good chemistry, especially between Doug, Brenda, and Bobby who we follow for most of the movie.
Let me also note that the gore is pretty extreme in this film. And there are some very questionable scenes of attempted rape, of which i thought was very uneccessary, although it does not go to the extent of showing nudity, there is enough gore and violence to warrant this film a NC-17 rating. Just thought I would let those with squemish stomachs know that. However, this over the top gore does attribute to some of the films haunting and brilliant images. When Doug (Aaron Stafford) is searching the houses of an old abandoned town for his baby daughter (as seen in the pic above) he is drenched in blood from those of the mutant people he has killed and some his own, the cenimatographer catches his image with perfection, and it chills your senes to the point of screaming out, "Oh my goodness thats brilliant cenimatogrpahy right there!"
The Hills Have Eyes does have some basic horror cliches in it, which hinders it but not too much, the ending was partially good. While it is a happy ending there is some leading to believe that something will go astray in the unseen future. But even due to its flaws it is still one the better horror films out there today
Good Points
-Great Cenimatography
-Fantastic Score for a horror movie
-Aaron Stafford's character (best part of the film)
-Family aspect
Bad Points
-Questionable scene
-Horror cliches
-Mutated human dailouge was dull
Rating- 8/10

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