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A Review by Joekool


16 Blocks
Director- Richard Donner
Cast- Bruce Willis, David 'Mos Def' Smith, David Morse
Rated PG-13: for scenes of violence, and some strong language
Running Time- 118min
From the director that brought us the Lethal Weapon series comes a new type of cop movie. In the spirits of the earlier Eastwood film "The Gauntlet," 16 Blocks is the story of a burnt out cop attmepting to simply take a witness 16 Blocks before the clock strikes 10am, so that he can testify before a jury. Seems simple enough, however it becomes nigh impossible if you have an entire precinct wanting the witness dead because he is going to testify against some corrupt cops, and the corruption runs pretty deep.   
Bruce Willis plays Jack Mosley, the burnt out cop I explained above. his witness that he must take the distance is played by David 'Mos Def' Smith, most of you know him as Mos Def, most known for his role in 2005's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Willis obviously delivers a great performance in a role that was a bit different than anything he's done before. His depiction of a steaming alcoholic was shown very well on screen. The chemistry between Willis and Def is one of the greatest aspects of the film, it just works, and flows well into the comic relief and scenes with an emotional punch.
Not only is the story to this picture very well placed and story-boarded, but also the violence and suspense is dispersed throughout the film the greatest out of any film I have seen recently. The movie has a flow to it where you never get bored, and the action is not over the top. The ending is unexpected and really delivers the final greatness to the overall film. When you leave the theater you will simply say "that was a good movie."
I highly recomend this film to anyone. Its worth your time and you should not be dissapointed. So far (March 10, 2006) its the best film of the year.
Good Points
-Great character acting
-Fantastic plot
-Great Suspense and action
-Good ending
Bad Points
-Needed more character devlopment
Rating- 9/10

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