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A Review by Joekool


Director- Richard Locraine
Cast- Harrison Ford, Paul Bettany, Robert Patrick, Virginia Madsen
Rated PG-13: for some intense sequences of violence
Running time- 100 min
Harrison Ford is back baby!!! Probably my favorite actor of all time is back in intense solid form. In Firewall we are shown all the great aspects of well-made thriller. It reminds of Ford's prior thrillers in Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, and Air Force One, all of which are fantastic movies of the genre. Firewall does not dissapoint.
Ford plays the head of security and a high-profile commercial bank. He is well respected, has a wife, and two kids, and everything seems to be going well. Until, however, he meets with an employer from another bank about a business deal, only later to find that this it is not another bank's employee but a professional bank robber played by Paul Bettany. This bank robber is holding Ford's character's family hostage, and to get them back he must break into his own security system and steal 100 million dollars. But Ford fights back!!!!
Harrison Ford as always steals the show with his superb intense acting. He has not lost his step at all even though he is getting older. He has some very physical scenes in this film and he pulls it off like he does it everyday, its awesome. Paul Bettany is great as the bad guy, he has a great cynical kindness in this which you dont see in most thrillers.
The thriller aspect and action is very good. Twists and turns as we follow Ford throught his journey to get back his family. How he turns the tables, and then nearly loses it all. The suspense works is there most of the time. Everything is working, and when that happens the film works as well.
Firewall is a very entertaining well-made action thriller. The acting is good. It had the potential to be better is some of the story was tweaked a little, but its nothing too bad. Overall its an excellent film! Its Ford, its gotta be!
Good Points
-Well-made thriller
-Paul Bettany as the bad guy
-Good action scenes
Bad Points
-Story could have been improved a little
Rating- 8.5/10 

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