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Underworld: Evolution
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A Review by Joekool


Underworld: Evolution
Director- Len Wiseman
Cast- Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Tony Curran, Bill Nighy
Rated R: for pervasive strong violence and gore, some sexuality/nudity and language.
Running time- 106 min
In 2003 we were treated to the new world of "Underworld," he he, I made a funny. Anyways that film had a respectable plotline, and was an ok movie, but it didnt live up to my expectations. The first left it open for the second, so now, three years later, we are treated to part duex.
In the 2nd Underworld, entitled "Underworld: Evolution" the war between Lychans and Vampires has kind of taken a abrupt halt Mostly due to the fact that Victor is dead. The Vampires are now after Selene and Michael. Marcus, however, the lead original vampire has risen once again, and he is now after Selene for disrupting the chain of events that were supposed to occur. Also, Marcus seeks to unleash his Lychan brother, William, the original werewolf, so that the brothers can lead together. But Slene and Michael intend on putting a stop to Marcus' plans, and thus insues the story.
I am not taking my time on this review, because I dont have the time right now to do so. So forgive me of its simplicity.
The action in Evolution is an improvement on the first film. The battles are more suspensful and hyped up. As when Micheal takes on Marcus in the back of a moving truck, the fight was well choreographed and visually executed. The finale however. Where Selene takes on Marcus, and Michael takes on William was incredibly too short. Here we have the Orginal Vampire and the Orignal Werewolf fighting a standard Vampire (although she has evolved in a way, dont want to spoil that part) and a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid in the climax of the movie, but yet the fights end abruptly. It made me quite furious, but the actually action we did see in the fights was indeed cool.
Underworld: Evolution is a better movie than the first, its got better action, better villians, and is simply more entertaining. However, the first is still better story-wise. Best Film of January 2006.
Good Points
-Great action
-Awesome Villians
-Good emotional build ups to action scenes
Bad Points
-Story was weak
-Uneeded scenes
-Climax was a letdown
Rating- 7.4/10

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